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Video content consumption is rapidly increasing across the world. Reports state people watch over 16 hours of online video per week, and the number of viewers is rising exponentially. Video content creators are struggling to cut through the competition and reach the right target audience.

Adding subtitles to videos makes them engaging and easily accessible to a broader audience. Content creators say around 85% of videos on Facebook are watched without sound. Subtitles allow them to reach out to their audience in such circumstances. They can also leverage the SEO advantage of subtitles to rank their videos on search engines.

Captioning videos help in their proper indexing by the platforms, and they appear in searches under the appropriate category. It also helps the audience distinguish videos based on relevance.

Subtitling is a cumbersome process as most automated tools cannot identify all sounds and accents used in a video. Subtitle Editors charge monumental amounts for transcribing audios and preparing captions for a video. To help you add subtitles to your videos quickly and for free, we have compiled a list of best Subtitle Maker tools.

Pros & Cons of Adding Subtitles to Videos


Pros of Adding Subtitles Cons of Adding Subtitles
Videos with subtitles become easily understandable as the audience can follow technical terms and accents. Audience attention is diverted to the text.
Subtitles can be easily translated into any language, making the videos accessible by a wider audience and even foreign language speakers. If not appropriately transcribed, subtitles may confuse the viewers.
Persons with disabilities like the deaf and autistic audience can also follow the content of subtitled videos. Closed captions are not supported by high-definition media such as Blu-ray and digital HDTV services.
The originality of the video is maintained while broadcasting it for non-native viewers. Additional time and costs have to be incurred to subtitle videos and edit them for accuracy.
It offers an easy way to watch videos on mute or in noise-controlled environments.
Creates a better viewing experience.
Utilize subtitles for SEO benefits and to improve search engine rankings.
Compliance with broadcasting laws and avoid legal actions.

8 Free Useful Subtitle Maker Tools

The pros of adding subtitles outnumber the cons.
Here is a list of 10 useful subtitle maker tools to help you leverage these benefits, and they’re free.

1. Maestra

Maestra is an AI-based automatic subtitle generating tool with secure cloud storage on MaestraCloud. The software allows you to transcribe your audios and videos quickly and efficiently. You can upload your video for automatic captioning and quickly proofread the transcribed text using its built-in editor. Maestra is the best subtitling tool, free to use, and delivers highly accurate subtitles exported in SubRip, WebVTT, PDF, and TXT formats. This tool’s top features allow you to translate the subtitles into 50+ languages with accuracy, including punctuations and pauses. You can use 30 minutes of free transcription each month.

2. VideoProc

VideoProc is a complete video processing software. It offers high-performance video editing and transcription features to generate top-notch videos with custom subtitling. It allows you to create and add subtitles to your videos. Embedded and external subtitle files can also be added to your videos. You can use it to develop close captions that can be enabled or disabled conveniently by your viewers.

3. DivXLand Subtitler

DivXLand Media Subtitler is a multi-format subtitle creation and editing tool. It applies the text to the video as subtitles in just a click and offers an instant preview. The software provides cutting-edge features, including multi-language spell check, save project function, and automatic syncing. You can use it to generate more than 30 subtitle formats in several languages.

4. AegiSub

Aegisub is an open-source subtitling software. This cross-platform tool is useful for automatically creating and editing subtitles. It is easy to use and offers flexibility to select caption design, font, size, color, and position on the screen. You can also style your video, run spell check, and watch previews using a built-in real-time video player.

5. Google Doc Voice-typing

Google Docs now offers an in-built speech-to-text feature. It also allows real-time editing and is a free tool for DIY video captioning. The tool supports multiple languages and has an accuracy rate of around 85% as it captures various accents. Also, it works in your browser, so you don’t need to download any additional software to use this tool.

6. Subly

Subly allows you to caption videos on cloud-based platforms automatically. It offers an intuitive interface with drag-and-drop functions to easily create and edit subtitles. The AI-based subtitling tool generates subtitles in 31+ languages and syncs them with the video timeline. An additional feature allows you to style your content and customize by adding brand icons before uploading directly to third party platforms. You can transcribe 40 minutes of videos per month using the free version.

7. Subtitle Horse

Subtitle Horse is a browser-based tool for subtitling videos online. It has a built-in editor with typeface shortcuts to support quick and easy real-time editing. It offers an interactive timeline with a built-in video player that supports visual context. It is free-to-use and doesn’t require any download or sign up.

8. Jubler

Jubler is a subtitle creating and editing software. It also offers tools to convert and translate subtitle text into several formats. Additional features include subtitle preview in real-time, spelling check, translation into several languages, and font styles. You can use its visual, audio waveforms to add captions directly to a video timestamp.


As a growing number of people prefer watching video content, adding subtitles to your videos widens their reach. It makes the content engaging and interesting for your audience and even legal compliant for broadcast in most countries. While subtitles are useful, creating them is time-consuming if done manually and expensive if you use software to generate them.

Try the free subtitle makers mentioned in our list and grab the opportunity to reach out to more people across the globe. Increased views help improve the SEO rank of your video content and boost your video’s performance. Automatic subtitling tools are useful as they save your time and increase ROI.





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